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docwho88's Journal

4 February 1980
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Hello all, thanks for giving my journal a glance.
I'm currently living in Fairfax(Ashburn*), VA, and by day I'm a computer / technology tech for a big company called NCR, servicing loads of different retail stores in the immediate area. I was single for the end of '06 and the beginning of '07 after having been burned by a previous relationship, but then I met (via LJ) the best girl EVER, and we're happily together(married*), and have a nice apartment(house*) together.
I was a student at the University of Maryland for just over 6 years, having graduated December 2004, with a B.S. in Computer Science. I was there so long, I wasn't sure how i'd cope with life after college... it's been alright, though for a certain while there seemed to be more "downs" than "ups". I'm thinking it's over now, and hope it doesn't come back anytime soon.
I'm interested mainly in computer stuff, music, and skydiving (jump counter = 314). Feel free to IM me or ICQ me, because I always like meeting and talking to new people.
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